2020 GODWIN 300UT 300U10

Priced At : $9,250

Stock# 300U10



10 Foot 300U w/ 30 Inch Sides - Manufacturer specs and special orders below. WE INSTALL - ASK FOR PRICING This body is available in lengths of 9′ and 10′. Inside width from side to side is 84″. SIDES: One piece sides with no welded seams. 10-gauge A607 grade-50 high tensile steel with boxed top rail and fully welded boxed rear corner post. 6″ side board gussets with full length rub rails, and box-type side braces. RUB RAILS: Full length 45 degree deflector panels are an integral part of the sides. FLOOR: 10 gauge -two piece high tensile steel floor with 2″ radius corners. FRONT WALL: 10 gauge high tensile A607 grade 50 steel. Full width integral inverted V-type horizontal bracing. TAILGATE: 3 Panel fully boxed 10 gauge high tensile A607 grade 50 steel with boxed horizontal reinforcements and sloping lower deflector. Tailgate is 6″ higher than side. TAILGATE HARDWARE: Heavy duty: Upper is offset cast steel hinge. Lower hook is cast steel: engages tailgate pin from top. Banjo eye keeps tailgate chain in position you select. LIGHTS & REFLECTORS: Federal 108 lights are standard, recessed for protection, rubber mounted and shock proof. UNDERSTRUCTURE: Completely jig built with 4″ structural channel crossmembers on 12″ centers and 6″ structural channel longitudinal. Crossmembers are gusseted and welded to longitudinals. OPTIONS: Air tailgate latch, 36″ cab shield, 8 gauge sides, 3/16″ one piece floor, 6 panel tailgate, Center coal door, Grip strut walkrod, Horizontal bracing, Asphalt chute, Front corner posts, additional options available. *Please call for pricing Price subject to change without notice due to the rising cost of steel.

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