What is a Hooklift Truck?

A hooklift truck is any commercial vehicle that can be outfitted with either a hydraulic or an electrical hoist. The hydraulic systems are often PTO driven and the electric hoists are battery powered.  Both systems are very versatile and allow the operator to change bodies quickly. Having one hooklift in your fleet often negates the need of having  two or three other trucks, more drivers, and more insurance policies. You can use one truck as your waste hauler, dump truck, flatbed, or even tanker.  Swaploader hooklifts have capacities from 7,500 pounds to 65,000 pounds. They have a hoist for every job and here at Cassone we have a truck for every budget. Call us for more information.

Hooklift Highlights

Versatile – One Truck For All Your Needs

Convenient – Driver does not have to leave the cab

No Cable to rust or break

Pickup and Drop offs often take less than two minutes


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